Episode 79 - Everything But HomeKit

Home technology fans anxious to see HomeKit in the spotlight at Apple's recent 'Hey Siri' event were once again let down. While we could easily rant about the continual lack of movement on Apple's smart home initiative, who wants to kick a dead horse? We decided instead to focus this week's show on what Apple did unveil, and there was plenty. 

We discuss each of Apple's new product releases, and their implications, or lack thereof, on the home technology market. We take particular aim at the new AppleTV, a product that was long overdue for an update. The updated set top box is certainly an improvement over its predecessor, but it's not all roses (ahem... 4k anyone?).

While mostly focused on Apple, this episode is also rounded out with news from Lutron (yes, Lutron again!). We also discuss the recent push by KNX, a long-established European home automation protocol, to penetrate the US market. (We want to hear from our listeners overseas on this particular story. Tune in for more info and don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts). 

As always we hope you enjoy the show. If you find HomeTech to be a valuable resource please take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes! We'd also love you to consider becoming a patron of the show, more info on that here. We'll see you next week.