Episode 80 - The Update Extravaganza

This week's HomeTech show is chalk-full of updates. We start out with some follow-up points on the not-so-rosy outlook for the KNX Association as they gear up to make a push into the US market. Following that conversation we discuss a number of recent updates on Crestron's Pyng, no doubt aiming to bring the platform back into the spotlight for CEDIA 2015. Speaking of Crestron, and of CEDIA, we also give a quick nod to Vincent Bruno, the former Crestron exec who was recently named CEO of the trade organization. 

Zooming out from the CEDIA channel, we close the show with a quick conversation about iOS 9, rumors of forthcoming products and features from Sonos, and a conversation about Amazon's new 4K FireTV, which quickly morphed into a conversation about the conspicuous absence of 4K on the new AppleTV. Go figure. 

We hope you enjoy the show. Be sure to stay tuned as we count down towards CEDIA EXPO, only a few short weeks away! As always we remind you that if you enjoy the show please take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes! We'd also love for you to consider becoming a patron of the show, more info on that here. We'll see you next week.