Episode 78 - Empowering Creators with Peter Hoddie of Kinoma

This week's episode of HomeTech features a guest well-known within engineering and technology circles, Peter Hoddie. Having once served as Chief Quicktime Architect at Apple, Peter boasts a very impressive resume. Peter currently serves as VP of Kinoma, a division within the giant semi-conductor company Marvell. Back in 2002 he co-founded Kinoma, producing a virtual software platform widely deployed by companies like Palm, Sony, and Sling Media. While Kinoma has since been acquired, in many ways they continue to proudly demonstrate their startup roots. 

Peter joins us to discuss the recently crowd-funded project dubbed Kinoma Create. Create is a platform aimed at removing the low-level drudgery experienced by developers who work at the intersection of software and hardware. By drastically speeding up and simplifying the prototyping process, Kinoma's goal is to promote innovation in a variety of vertical markets, of which the smart home is no doubt a prime target. The company is also highly driven to see the adoption of Create amongst students, promoting tech-education through experimentation. 

Sure to be especially popular with the tinkerers and DIY-enthusiasts in our audience, this conversation provides a glimpse at the type of product which could inspire innovation in the smart home for a whole new generation of Creators. 

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