Episode 48 - Now That's a Home Theater!

On this week's episode Jason shares some of his experiences managing the installation of a very high end home theater in Los Angeles. The conversation ranges from technical topics, such as the inclusion of Auro3D audio, to the logistical challenges present when building a room such as this. These high end theaters require an immense amount of planning and a high-level of execution from multiple trades. We thought it would be interesting to share a sneak peek of what this process looks like with you. 

In the news this week we discuss rumors of a pending API from Sonos (yes you read that right, Sonos!). Given his background as a developer Seth's take on this topic is particularly interesting. We talk about what this move could potentially mean not only for consumers and integrators but also for Sonos, who will have to step up their support as this API become public. We also discuss the recent move by Universal Remote (URC) to roll up their software lines into one unified product. It's a move that makes sense for the company on a number of fronts. We discuss the implications of this announcement, giving our specific take on what it means for integrators and consumers alike. 

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