Episode 47 - Chris Pinder of HDAnywhere

Episode 47 of HomeTech brings to you a conversation with Chris Pinder of HDAnywhere, a manufacturer of unique HDMI distribution solutions. As the video landscape continues to evolve, and 4K displays and content become more ubiquitous, it's become increasingly important to have an array of video-solution options in your tool belt. To that end if you're not familiar with HDAnywhere, you should be! This company initially came to our attention via our fans in the UK (Shout out to the #LiveInstall community). Recently HDAnywhere has made inroads into the US market. Their modular distribution solutions warrant special attention. Although only half of the HomeTech team (Seth) was able to conduct the interview, we are excited to present this episode!

In the news portion of the show we give special focus to the often-overlooked battle to control the media room. Over the last year home technology fans have seen countless new entrants to the smart home market. For a variety of reasons however control of the A/V devices in your media room have warranted little attention from the startup community. This week seemed to represent a shift on this front. New entrant NEEO lighting Kickstarter on fire was probably the biggest story. iRule, Logitech, and Pronto (yes you read that right, Pronto) also had something to add to the conversation. Tune into this episode for all you need to know about this important shift in the smarthome evolution.