Episode 49 - Connectile Dysfunction

In our latest episode we depart from our usual format on a couple of fronts. First and foremost Seth had some unexpected travel come up. As such Jason is joined by a good friend, fellow Integrator, and industry podcaster Nate Schneider. Nate and Jason work on together a monthly podcast called AV Shop Talk that, especially for the integrators in our audience, we would encourage you to check out. 

Secondly, the show takes a break form our normal focus on home automation to take a look at a problem that affects far too many; connectile dysfunction.  A lack of reliable cell phone coverage in our homes and offices can be a real nuisance. As integrators this is a problem that we are often asked to solve. Up until recently however very few solutions existed. Products like AT&T's MicroCell are total garbage. On the other end of the spectrum are highly specialized (and rather expensive) solutions that take a lot of careful planning to deploy. Now it looks we may finally have some middle ground.

CES 2015 brought with it the release of new solutions to this challenge. On this episode we focus on new products announced from weBoost (an off-shoot of Wilson Electronics) and SureCall. Understanding these new solutions is important for integrators, who may be looking to add new product and service offerings to their lineup. End users should also be aware of these new products as they may finally put an end to the horrible scourge known as connectile dysfunction. 

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