Episode 36 - All Quiet on the HomeKit Front

Another Apple event has come and gone.  And sadly it's all quiet on the HomeKit Front.  While many of their recent announcements are indeed exciting, new iPads, new iMacs, and new Mac Minis (finally!), we're not an Apple show, we're a home technology show.  So we have to admit to being a bit bummed about the lack of public news since the initial announcement of HomeKit back at WWDC. 

Even with the lack of HomeKit news, there was still plenty to cover in this week's show.  We opened the show talking about a few home technology buying decisions that we are facing in our respective personal lives.  At HomeTech, we both live and breathe this stuff in our daily work, so it's always a pleasure when we can put a more personal touch on things by discussing practical uses in our own homes.  In terms of recent news, we discuss the announcement by The Thread Group that they are officially accepting applications for membership.  To wrap up the show we have a chat about UHD / 4K TV Technology.  4K is all the rage these days.  As with any new technology however, there is more to it than meets the eye.  HDTV is not a topic we've spent much time on in the past, but with all the changes taking place in that landscape it may be a topic we revisit more moving forward. 

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Show Notes