Episode 37 - Revolv Acquired by Nest

This week we are bringing you another news-only episode, and there was no shortage of big news to talk about.  On the personal side of things Jason discusses the continual process of readying his home for the 'new addition'.  That's right, if you haven't heard, Jason and his wife are getting ready to welcome to their first child (a baby girl) in a few short weeks from now! And like any true gadget geek, he's been looking for ways technology can help.  In fact at the time of this posting he just finished installing a new Ecobee3 thermostat to help more accurately monitor the temperature in the nursery.  We look forward to sharing his thoughts on the product in a future episode.  Seth also has big news brewing with the pending purchase of a new home.  In fact he's looking to make some HVAC-related upgrades of his own.  Which led to a discussion of Ecovent, a previous show guest of ours, who is now taking pre-orders.  Lots cooking on the home front!  More to come, so stay tuned!

On the industry side, there were a few huge stories to cover.  The first being the acquisition of the smart home company, and previous show guest Revolv.  We were as surprised as anyone to hear of this news.  Founder Mike Soucie joined us recently and really left us with the impression that Revolv was a long term contender in the home automation hub space.  However part and parcel of the acquisition news was that Revolv (as a product) would cease to exist.  Very interesting indeed.  Tune in to get our take. 

We also discussed news that broke recently about Sonos suing D&M holdings (parent company of Denon) over alleged patent infringement related to the new product line Heos.  To close the show we covered the recent integration of Harmony Home products with IFTTT.  

As always, thanks so much for listening!  We hope you enjoy! 

Show Notes