Episode 35 - Ted Schremp of SmartHome Ventures

On this episode of HomeTech we were joined by Ted Schremp.  Ted is the CEO Smarthome Ventures, the recently formed company behind the Peq Home Automation line of products.  Peq is intriguing to us for a number of reasons, and we were very excited to welcome Ted onto the show to discuss.  

Peq made headlines recently when rumors of the product first started circulating.  Speculation at the time centered around this product being Best Buy's answers to the likes of Staples Connect and the Lowes Iris.  While there is truth to the fact that the retail giant will carry Peq products, Smarthome Ventures operates as its own entity with ambitions above and beyond their deal with Best Buy.  With an impressive executive team, a polished lineup of products, and a business model aimed at long term sustainability, the Smarthome Ventures teams looks like they are playing for keeps.  We had a great chat with Ted.  As always we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!

Show Notes