Episode 34 - The Box Formerly Known as Doorbot with Ring Inventor Jamie Siminoff

This week we were excited to welcome Jamie Siminoff to the show.  We have been working behind the scenes to get Jamie on for some time now.  It had been proving difficult to make our schedules line up, and now we know why! Jamie and his team have been very busy.

For those who don't know, Jamie is the chief inventor of Doorbot, which when it came out was the world's first WiFi enabled smart doorbell.  Big news broke this week when it was announced that Doorbot was rebranding and launching a new and improved version of their product, now known simply as Ring.  Jamie lays out his thought process and reasoning behind the rebranding effort in an excellent blog post you can read here.  But reading is a lot of work, and we know you're busy.  So we've made it easy for you.  Just hit play, kick your feet up, and enjoy our conversation with Jamie all about Ring, the box formerly known as Doorbot...

Show Notes