Episode 27 - Your Face. Your Key. | With Chui Founder Shaun Moore

On episode 27 of the HomeTech podcast we were joined by co-founder and CEO of Chui, Shaun Moore.  Chui claims to be the "world's most intelligent doorbell".  And after our conversation with Shaun, it would be hard to argue against their claim.  The concept of a a smart, connected doorbell is not completely novel.  There are a number of products on the market that can alert to you to someone being at your door, and send you alerts, notifications, and live streaming video based on this information.  And while Chui can do all of this, what takes the product to the next level is it's facial recognition technology.  

Utilizing a combination of facial detection and proprietary recognition technologies, Chui's built in camera is capable of automatically detecting who is at your door.  Through integrations with other smart home products, Chui can then act as a trigger point for home automation scenes based on this information.  So, for instance the locks could automatically open when you come to the door, or automatically lock and send you an alert if it's your ex girlfriend (or boyfriend).  Pretty cool stuff.   

We had a great time chatting with Shaun about Chui, and about the smart home landscape in general.  Download the episode now to learn more about this exciting new product!