Episode 26 - 'Water Smarter' | Smart Sprinkler Control with Skydrop Founder Clark Endrizzi

It is estimated by the EPA that up to 50% of landscape water usage in the US is wasted by over-watering.  This means that on average Americans are spending roughly twice as much money to water their lawns as they should be.  Perhaps even more disturbing though, is the fact that this wastage is taking place in the midst of major droughts throughout the country. 

On this episode of the Home Tech Podcast we were joined by Skydrop Co-Founder and CTO, Clark Endrizzi.   Skydrop is a smart sprinkler controller that promises to bring irrigation control into the era of the smart home.  Users simply have to replace their existing controller with the Skydrop unit.  Skydrop then jumps on the WiFi network, and the magic begins. 

Through its use of aggregate weather data the system can prevent sprinklers from running unnecessarily, for example during a rain storm.  The Skydrop software will also help users create an optimized watering schedule, tailored to their specific lawn, by having them answer a series of simple questions.  The system is controllable via apps and a web interface, giving users the ability to monitor usage and alter settings as their needs change.  

We enjoyed the conversation with Clark, and hope you do as well! If you're so inclined, please take a moment to leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher.  Thanks for listening!

Show Notes