Episode 28 - Smart Home Market Trends with Mike Wolf of NextMarket Insights

If you are a fan of the HomeTech Podcast, and aren't familiar with Mike Wolf, you should be!  Mike is a good friend of the show, and a great source of knowledge and insight when it comes to the smart home market.  He is the founder and chief analyst at NextMarket Insights, a premier market research firm in the connected home space.  As a fellow podcaster Mike hosts the NextMarket Podcast as well as the Smart Home Show, which both come highly recommended.  Mike also runs the Technology.fm podcast collective, where we at HomeTech are honored to be listed.   

On this episode of the podcast Mike joined us for a chat that was bit outside of our normal format.  Instead of talking about a specific product or company we opted to keep it loose, discussing a handful of recent home technology stories and their respective impact on the smart home market at large.  We also discussed Mike's work at NextMarket, including a recent report they put out covering the burgeoning DIY home automation market.  We really enjoyed chatting with Mike, and hope you enjoy listening!