Episode 90 - Innovation, or Something Like It

After taking a week off to galavant around Germany, Seth returned just in time for us to bring you this week's show. Battling through a serious case of jet-lag, and nostalgia for the land of beer and brats, Seth joined me to discuss a number of stories about smart home innovation, or at least something resembling it. 

A key story in this week's show is highly relevant to anyone with a vested interest in the evolution of home-technology-as-a-trade. A large integration firm in my neck of the woods (Denver, CO) has launched a new venture called HAUS (Home Automation University). It's an ambitious undertaking, and no doubt a novel approach, but will it succeed? At least half of the HomeTech team is bearish. Tune in for the full run down, then let us know what you think.  

We round out the episode with conversations about Amazon's (speculative) interest in gesture control, what NEEO is doing right when it comes to old-fashioned infrared, some patent grabbing by Apple, and a highly anticipated update from Sonos. 

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We'll talk to you next week!