Episode 89 - The Smart Home Holiday Gift Guide

With this episode releasing on Black Friday, 2015's holiday shopping season is officially upon us. It won't come as a surprise to fans of our show that this year brings no shortage of gift options for the home technology enthusiast in your life. Join us for this special episode as we dissect the best smart home gift ideas of the 2015 holiday season. 

Breaking the conversation down into a number of broad categories, we discuss home automation hubs, home theater, media players, lighting and shade control, as well as a few odds and ends for the tinkerers and makers out there. Complete with a comprehensive look at the comparisons between similar products, as well as a handful of special sales we've spotted on smart home gear, this episode is a can't miss as we head into what promises to be a busy 2015 holiday season! As always we hope you enjoy the show! 

PS - We are going to do our best to get an episode out next week, (12/4/15) but combined holiday travel may prove too much to overcome. In any event please know that Seth and I wish you and yours a fabulous Thanksgiving! And that in this season of saying "Thanks" we want to reiterate our endless gratitude for your ongoing support of the show! 

Jason & Seth