Episode 75 - The Proactive Smart Home with Alexei Erchak of BeON

Many tech companies are quick to use the word "security" when describing features such as mobile alerts and remote access to cameras. While certainly convenient these technologies are necessarily limited by their reactive nature, likely affording you little more than a front row seat to the violation of your home. Lost in all this marketing hype is the fact that a true security system's biggest benefit lies in it's ability to proactively prevent an intrusion from happening in the first place.

Enter BeON, an innovative smart lighting system designed to deter would-be intruders. BeON accomplishes this by intelligently learning and automatically mimicking the way you use your lights, giving your home the natural appearance of occupancy whether you are there or not. Alongside a handful of other nifty features BeON also has the ability to "listen" for events, such as the sound of your unique doorbell. Upon hearing the chime BeON will respond in a natural way making it appear, for example, as though someone is walking down the hall to check the door. The vast majority of home intruders will only act if they are confident a home is unoccupied. BeON intelligently exploits this fact, and in so doing provides a nice layer of protection that can either stand on its own, or serve as a compliment to traditional security systems. 

On this episode we are joined by Co-Founder and CEO of the company Alexei Erchak to discuss this unique product. With a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from MIT, and over 70 patents to his name Alexei brings a very impressive resume to his current endeavor. We had a great time producing this episode and hope you enjoy the conversation!

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