Episode 70 - Apple Music 101: Radio on the Internet

Apple is rarely the first one to any party, but they tend to turn a lot of heads when they do finally show up. From portable music players, to tablets, to smart watches Apple has demonstrated this pattern time and again. True to form the company has now staked their claim in another existing market, subscription based streaming music, with Apple Music. 

Their most recent in a long line of fashionably late arrivals, the service goes for $9.99 a month. Users will have unlimited access to Apple's entire catalog, over 30 million songs, alongside an array of offerings including "expertly curated" radio stations and playlists, and the so-called "connect" platform where artists can engage with listeners in various ways. 

All in all Apple Music is a very compelling offering. We spend the majority of this episode discussing our initial impressions of the service. Comparisons with existing services like Spotify are not only unavoidable (hint: they're almost identical) but also help to illustrate what Apple is trying to accomplish with this initiative. Tune into our conversation to find out whether or not Apple Music is a product you should be paying attention to.  

As always we thank you so much for listening. If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions please let us know, we'd love to hear from you. 

See you next week.