Episode 69 - "Lights That Rock" with Shaun Springer from Twist

For this week's show we are pleased to present a conversation with Shaun Springer. Shaun is the founder and CEO of Astro, the company behind the newly released smart lightbulb / speaker combination Twist. Shaun's background in the smart home will be of particular interest to the integrators in our audience. Earlier in his career Shaun worked at Crestron, where he led research and development on the company's Core3 UI initiative.

Through his new venture Shaun is setting out to tackle the smart home by providing unparalleled simplicity. With the Twist lightbulb formally launched, we thought we'd bring him on for a conversation. We discuss some the rationale behind Astro's decision to position their products specifically for renters, an arguably underserved smart home market segment. Spending the remainder of the interview discussing the design and feature set of their new product, we discover a number of truly unique aspects to the manner in which Shaun and his team are approaching the smart home. Some of the company's ideas, on app control and 3rd party integration for example, might surprise you. Tune into the whole episode for more on that. 

Overall the Twist product seems well thought out and tastefully designed. We enjoyed having Shaun on to learn more. If you find this episode, or any of our others, enjoyable do us a huge favor and tell a friend about the show, or leave us a review on iTunes!  

See you next week.