Episode 185 - A Certification that Matters with Josh Christian of HTA

On this week's episode of HomeTech: We are joined by Josh Christian, Director of Certification at the Home Technology Association.  The HTA is a new initiative aimed at helping homeowners, as well as design and building professionals, find a qualified and vetted home technology firm for their project.

Given the lack of any real barriers to entry, many unqualified companies have given the home technology profession more than its share of black eyes. This, at the expense of consumers who have previously lacked an easy way to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Josh gives us the rundown on what HTA is doing to solve this problem and raise the bar for consumers and home tech pros alike.  

That plus... Honeywell getting in on the DIY security fun. TiVo's introduces a new voice-control enabled lineup as well as a their new "Hydra" UI. And more...

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Show Notes