Episode 173 - Meet Kirio, with CEO Rob Green

On this week's episode of HomeTech: We are joined by Rob Green, CEO of the smart home startup Kiriō. This Seattle-based company is coming at the connected home from a very unique angle that you'll want to hear all about. Forgoing the pure DIY approach so common today, Kiriō is targeting the builder market with a product designed to add intelligence to the core systems of the home. With a turnkey approach to installation and programming, and an innovative distribution model, Kiriō just might be providing us with a glimpse of the future when it comes to the professionally-installed connected home. 

That plus... Hip Hop stars and smart home hubs. A peek behind the HomePod curtain. Apple accidentally leaks hints of 4K and HDR content coming to iTunes (finally!). Comcast's streaming offering could be here by year's end. Ring launches yet another new product (these guys are on fire!). Blackwire looks to "Make Drivers Great Again". And more...

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