Episode 172 - The "Projects Project" with David Millsaps

On this week's episode of HomeTech: Our second installment of the "Projects Project", featuring David Millsaps. David recently performed a home renovation which included some substantial technology upgrades. From lighting control, to house audio, to home automation, and more, David clearly did his homework before forging ahead. By making well-researched product decisions, David's goal was to avoid flash-in-the-pan products and technologies. He also managed to balance his technology wants with the aesthetic requirements of a design-driven spouse... no easy feat! Tune in to hear how David has pulled off a highly-functional DIY home technology install on par with many professionally installed systems. 

That plus... Asus gets into the Wesh MiFi (err, Mesh WiFi) game. Is Sigma Designs looking to sell Z-Wave? A potential IPO on the horizon for ADT. When it comes to Net Neutrality, Verizon just got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Facebook's original TV programming may finally be near. And much more...

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