Episode 257 - Does Not Work with Nest

On this episode of HomeTech: We take a deep dive into Alphabet’s decision to bring Google Home, Nest, Chromecast, and Google WiFi all under a new unified brand, Google Nest. Additionally, we discuss the controversial decision made as part of this merger to kill off the Works with Nest program, bringing an end to many popular third-party integrations. What do these moves mean for the company, consumers, and for home tech pros alike?

That, plus: Echo and Google Home Mother’s Day deals. Amazon and Blink team up to launch a new wireless outdoor security camera. A first look at the AirPlay 2 and HomeKit integrations on new Vizio TVs. A look at the new Nest Hub Max 10-inch smart display. And more…

Episode 256 - Dream Machine

On this episode of HomeTech: The CE Pro 100 list for 2019 is out. A look at Savant’s new architectural POE speakers. Wyze releases their new (insanely cheap) Wyze Sense kit. Amazon may be working on a new hi-fidelity streaming service. A team at Harvard thinks they know how the streaming TV war will be won. The once-hot robotics startup, Anki, has crashed and burned. August halts sales of their new View doorbell camera after widely reported issues by early users. UniFi’s interesting new Dream Machine merges pro features with a consumer aesthetic. Is Congress finally getting serious about IoT security?

And more…

Episode 255 - Projects Project with Anthony Raynor

Episode 254 - Shake it Off

On this episode of HomeTech: SnapAV throws their hat in the security ring. Who is Logitech’s new remote really for? Amazon rumored to be working on a new free streaming music service. People are listening to your Alexa recordings (PS - it doesn’t matter). Plus, we take a deep dive into Disney’s new streaming video service, Disney+.

And more…

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Episode 253 - Is That a Lamp??