Episode 87 - Joey Kolchinsky of OneVision

DIY and straight-to-consumer products are continuing their expansion in the smart home, and if you ask Joey Kolchinsky that's quite all right. Our guest on this week's episode, Joey is the founder of OneVision Resources. Unlike many other companies who purport to have a unique approach to home technology, it would be hard to question his claim thereof. Founded squarely on the principal that end-user experience trumps all, OneVision bases it's entire business model on charging fixed rates for service and technology management, while passing through hardware at no (that's right... zero) markup. 

It sounds deceptively simple: charge for your time, and charge adequately. Sadly many home technology pros who have tried can attest that it's easier said than done. Through a unique combination of early formative experiences and good old fashioned persistence Joey has put together a model that anyone operating in the home technology space should be paying attention to. Join us for this fascinating episode as we explore OneVision's unique approach to technology, including the benefits as well as challenges involved in positioning yourself on experience and service above all else.