Episode 65 - Crushing the AppleTV Pipe Dream

Last week we decided to take a small breather in order to celebrate Memorial Day as well as our own Seth Johnson's birthday (be sure to send him some BDay love on twitter). Turns out taking a breather was a good idea. This week we are back with a vengeance in what feels like just the beginning of what should remain a very busy 2015.

There was tons of ground to cover in smart home news this week. Some of the big stories we touch on included a few pieces of news from the Apple front. We discuss some rumors pertaining to what we can expect at WWDC 2015. These rumors include the exciting prospect of 3rd party app development on the AppleTV through a framework known as TVKit. Speaking of rumors, we also cover a recent Wall Street Journal piece that may finally crush the dreams of the iTV-wishful once and for all. If you count yourself amongst them you may want to have a box of tissue handy.

In other big news we discuss the rumored IoT operating system expected from Google called Brillo. More details about Brillo have become available via the Google IO conference, which started the day after we recorded this episode. Mainly our conversation focuses on some great coverage by friend-of-the-show Mike Wolf, which you can read here

All of these stories and more, including a pending IPO from Alarm.com, on this week's episode. Hope you enjoy! 

PS - Be sure to tune in next week to get more of our thoughts on Google IO.