Episode 60 - Smarter Living

We spend a lot of time here at HomeTech talking about what it really means to have a "smart home".  This terminology does, after all, get bandied about at an ever-increasing pace. The attention of everyday consumers is a surely a welcome sign to anyone with an interest in the smart home market. There are those, however, who would take care to more accurately define what the term "smart home" really means. 

With this in mind we were interested to learn more about Control4's upcoming "Smarter Living Experience". Beyond the obvious motivation of getting their product in front of more eyeballs, this event has a larger, and arguably more difficult mission: to define the value of a truly integrated home. After all standalone solutions, like the Nest thermostat or Philips Hue lights, provide real value to consumers at a very low cost-of-entry. Few would argue otherwise.

What remains to be seen is if companies like Control4 can continue to sell the value of an overarching system, one capable of bringing all the technology together into a singular, unified user-experience. On this week's show we are joined by Control4's Director of Product Marketing Brad Hintze, to discuss that and more. 

Following our conversation with Brad, we dive into a chat about Seth's personal smart home retrofit project. Many of you have been requesting an update on his progress, and we thought now would be a great time to get you caught up. For this episode we take specific aim at Seth's choice of a lighting control system. Tune in to hear more...

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Brad. If you are able to watch Control4's event we would love to hear your thoughts afterwards. Let us know your thoughts using our feedback page or even better, send us a comment on twitter

Thanks for listening! See you next week.