Episode 58 - Listeners' Corner feat. Cody Crossland

We started out this week's show by trying to settle a little internal debate here at HomeTech. Amazon made a big splash on the tech-news scene this week with the announcement of the "Dash Button". One half of the HomeTech team thinks the product very clever, and worthy of the smart home label most tech journalists are using to describe it. The other half thinks it's just a silly button to help you buy more crap. Tune in to hear the debate (and tweet us with your thoughts if you're so inclined). 

In other news this week we discuss the release of a new controller by Savant. It's Savant's first processor with imbedded I/O ports (IR, RS-232, Relays etc). This means that, for the first time, you do not need separate hardware to control devices such as TV's, AVR's, and cable boxes. Also worth noting is the inclusion of Z-Wave, an addition that could mean a move further downstream towards a true DIY solution. 

Our main feature this week is the second installment of "Listeners' Corner". We brought on Cody Crossland, who has been one of our most ardent supporters since launching the show. Cody is a fellow systems integrator and, similar to Seth, is a Control4 dealer. We had a great conversation about some of the pitfalls that end users need to be aware when purchasing new technology. Ranging from new TV's (4K / UHD) all the way up to entire smart home systems, Cody has some great insights to share. 

We had a great time recording this episode. If you are interested in joining us on a future installment of our listener-series let us know on our feedback page!

See you next week!