Episode 54 - "The Silent Intelligence" with Daniel Obodovski

As the name of our show implies we consistently strive to keep a tight focus on technology in the home, and the home alone. On this week's show however we wanted to zoom out and look at the connected home as part of a larger context, namely the broad phenomenon knows as "The Internet of Things". Our featured guest, Daniel Obodovski, is perfectly suited to facilitate the conversation. 

Daniel is the co-author of the "The Silent Intelligence", a book that explores in great detail the ubiquitous connectivity making its way into our daily lives. Daniel is particularly qualified to speak on this topic. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the high-tech sectors where he has helped various companies come to market with connected devices. Daniel's book is packed full of insights, helping its readers understand the broad-reaching implications of the next revolution in computing, which is well underway as we speak. Join us for a fascinating conversation as we discuss the Internet of Things, and what it means for the connected home of the future.