Episode 52 - At Least It's Not a Toshiba

We had been looking forward to sharing an interview with Daniel Obodovsky this week. Daniel is co-author of "The Silent Intelligence", a very interesting book about the significance of the Internet-of-Things. Alas Daniel lost his voice the day of the show so we had to reschedule. We look forward to sharing that conversation with you in a few short weeks.

For this week's episode we bring you an update on Seth's new home. Specifically how the realities of an unexpected plumbing problem regrettably have him re-evaluating his lighting control options (read: budget). The image attached to this episode says it all...

We also discussed a couple of interesting stories from the smart home space this week. Stories covered include the release of an Apple TV driver by Control4 that uses 2-way IP control, and the announcement by Sony that they will be spinning off their AV business.  

Thanks for listening to HomeTech! We'll catch you next week!