Episode 40 - Baby-Watch 2014 Continues

We did not book a guest for this week's show, primarily because Jason wasn't even sure he'd be able to participate. As it turns out he was able to join the show this week because his wife is still (very) pregnant. That's right, for those of you who have been listenting, no baby yet. At the time of this typing we are 5 days past due. Baby-watch 2014 continues...

Plenty to talk about in the news this week. We start the show with a conversation about the release of Savant 7.0. This beautiful new app made a big splash at CEDIA and we are excited to see that it has been released into the wild. This new offering from Savant is consistent with current trends in the industry in that it affords much more control to the end user than the previous version. Consumers are able to create and edit scenes from within the app, freeing integrators from having to roll a truck for such minor modifications. 

We then dove into a discussion about Sony, the megalith that's been surprisingly quite in the smart home space. Although we have yet to see a true smart home offering from them, they made the news this week with a Playstation Vue, a cloud-powered offering aimed at disrupting the traditional cable / satellite TV subscription business. 

Speaking of TV providers, we closed the show with conversations about both Dish Network and DirecTV. The former because it appears as though they may enter the smart home market with a product called Sage (unveiled recently by their parent company Echostar).  The latter because they have now unveiled (liminted) 4K TV offerings. Still not a lot of UHD content out there, but it's a start.

As always, we thank you so much for listening. If you are enjoying the show we would greatly appreciate a rating on a iTunes!