Episode 275 - CEDIA 2019 Wrap-Up

On this episode of HomeTech: Join us on this jam-packed edition as we wrap up another big CEDIA show! Our discussion includes some of the biggest trends and technologies we observed on the floor, plus a few cool product-finds you won’t want to miss!

That, plus the latest home tech headlines including: The end of an era as Interlogix prepares to shut down at the end of 2019. AT&T refutes rumors that DirecTV is on the selling block. News emerges on NBC’s forthcoming streaming service, Peacock. An interesting (if pricey) new gadget from Hue. An in-depth review of Amazon’s massive hardware event. And more!

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Show Notes

Amazon Event Notes


  • Big push on Privacy
  • Making the wake word 50% more accurate to prevent false positives
  • Mute button physically disconnects the microphones (and cameras)
  • New Feature: Home Mode – Allows customers to set devices when they are home to have no recording of audio or video
  • New: Amazon Privacy Hub – Shows data on the web or in app.
  • Possible to ask Alexa to "delete what I just said" or "delete everything I said today." (Amazon the only company exposing this feature)
  • New utterance: "Alexa, tell me what you heard"
  • New later this year: "Alexa, why did you do that?" for troubleshooting ghosts in the machine
  • New today: Auto delete recordings in 3- and 18-month intervals

Echo Speakers

  • New: More natural sounding Alexa, sounds much better & more natural
  • New: Multi-lingual mode for mixed language households
  • New: Alexa celebrity voices (Samuel L. Jackson shown)
  • New: Frustration detection - supposed to know when you are frustrated with Alexa
  • New: Alexa Guest Connect: lets your guests connect to your Echo and bring in their Alexa stuff
  • Alexa Guard will now listen for footsteps, water, talking etc and send you text alerts
  • Alexa for Kids
    • An interface for kids,
    • Education Skill API will tell you how your kid did on their math test.
  • Hardware: Echo Dot with Clock!
    • 9-minute snooze button
    • Preorder today: $59
  • Hardware: Echo
    • Looks familiar
    • Just like the Echo Plus from last year (no mention of zigbee hub)
    • Preorder today: $99
  • Hardware: Echo Studio
    • 3D audio, Dolby Atmos, Self-tuning to the room
    • Looks like a big echo
    • Three mid-range speakers, a front directional tweeter, and a 5.25 bass driver
    • Physical buttons on top
    • Pair two with sub and it will work with FireTV for 3.1 surround
    • Preorder today: $199 look out Sonos (Apple? lol)
  • Hardware: Echo Show 8
    • Looks just like the Show 5 but with an 8 inch display
    • Preorder today: $129 (wow, Google in trouble)
  • Hardware: Echo Glow
    • Glowing orb type device that can change colors and blink lights for your Alexa powered dance party
    • Preorder today: $29
    • Should be good for the holidays
  • Hardware: Echo Flex
    • a tiny echo you plug into a socket, has USB so you can charge thigns
    • Two buttons, speaker, mic, and LED status light
    • Makes it easy to put voice access points throughout the house
    • $25, preorders today
    • Accessories : Motion sensor, nightlight


  • New eero devices, look thicker than the current models
  • Dual band radio, adaptive backhaul, 10 minute setup, mesh coverage
  • Use Alexa to control wifi (turn on and off for certain devices, users etc)
  • Alexa API available for other router manufactures to take advantage of this feature as well
  • On sale today: $99 (Europe later this year)
  • 3-pack Bundle is $249 (down from $399)


  • Alexa going to live in Ring Doorbells (Elite models) later this year.
  • Hardware: Ring Retrofit Alarm Hub
    • Allows old alarm boxes to be integrated (similar to 2gig's offering)
    • Lets you add on hardwired sensors to Ring Alarm panel
    • $199 or bundled with Ring Alarm for $375
  • Hardware: Ring Stick up Cam
    • Plugin, battery, solar
    • $99, available today
  • Hardware: Ring indoor cam
    • Itty-bitty camera, indoor only
    • Supports Home Mode
    • $59, available today

Works with Alexa

  • 100,000+ Alexa Skills, 85,000+ Alexa-compatible products
  • Hardware: Amazon Smart Oven
    • Has Alexa but also "scan to cook" to handle prepackage food products. (Whole Foods stuff too)
    • Comes with Echo Dot
    • Preorder: 249

Amazon Sidewalk

  • New low frequency radio standard!!!
  • Works on 900mhz, secure
  • Extends distance for controlling smart home devices, 500 meters or better

Amazon Fetch

  • Dog tracking hardware, software

Echo Auto

  • Coming to Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, GMC


  • Echo Buds
    • Headphones with built in noise canceling by Bose
    • Preorder $129
  • Echo Frames
    • Eyeglasses with discreet direction speakers that point audio at you but not the people around you
    • Prescription ready
    • 31 grams, no display or cameras
    • $179, invite price
  • Echo Loop
    • A ring with micriphones and it buzzes for notifications
    • Demo did not work but interesting still
    • $129, invite price