Episode 206 - Projects Project with Keith Watson

On this week's episode of HomeTech: We are joined by Keith Watson for a very special installment of the projects project. Keith, who is blind as a result of retinitis pigmentosa, shares his unique perspective on the smart home. From the challenges he has faced to the ways that technology assists him with his day-to-day life, Keith's resourcefulness and ingenuity will serve as an inspiration to anyone with a passion for home technology.    

That, plus...

  • Facebook decides now is probably not the best time to release a connected speaker
  • Amazon expands Alexa's video API to control DVRs
  • Alexa routines can now launch music and podcasts
  • A new and compelling hardware offering from Tablo
  • A big AI hire for Apple
  • Google hints at plans for their own smart display device a la the Echo Show
  • Lutron and SnapAV partner up
  • Oppo exits the BluRay business
  • and more...

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