Episode 202 - Comparing Mesh WiFi Systems

On this week's episode of HomeTech: Jason is in the market for a new WiFi system and he's been doing his research. Join us as we dissect the mesh WiFi landscape, discuss the different features you might consider if you're in the market, and directly compare some of today's top options including Eero, Google WiFI, Netgear's Orbi, Ubiquiti AmpliFi, and many more. 

That plus the latest headlines including: LG's premium 2018 OLEDs hit the market at compelling price points. Spotify's IPO is official and they're seeking some serious cash. The voice assistant-powered display market gets another entrant with the Archos Hello. Apple continues to pillage Sony's ranks as part of their fledgling online video efforts. And the battle between Amazon and Google heats up, as always, at the expense of the consumer. 

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