Episode 166 - Getting to Know Loxone with Florian Woess

On this week's episode of HomeTech: We are joined by Florian Woess, CEO of Loxone US. Florian provides a great overview of the company's unique approach to professionally-installed home automation. Comparable to the most established brands here in the states, Loxone's US operations are just getting started. But if their widespread popularity overseas, and rapid growth to over 250 worldwide employees is any indication, they are poised to gain significant market share in the years to come. With a huge array of hardware options. a thoughtful approach to software, and highly competitive price points, Loxone is clearly one to watch. Tune in to our conversation with Florian to learn more about the company's compelling story!

That plus... New hardware and service offerings from Eero. Thoughts on Logitech's new Circle 2 indoor / outdoor camera. Savant's "Wally" line up - What's old is new again. CEDIA's (crazy expensive) new digs. Netflix subscriber numbers surpass Cable. And more...

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