Episode 162 - Mixing it up with Kris Gamble of #LiveInstall

On this week's episode of HomeTech: We catch up with Kris Gamble, founder of the UK-based Customised and creator of the now-legendary #LiveInstall hashtag. Never one to color inside the lines, Kris shares a number of updates surrounding his latest efforts to mix it up in the smart home. From a new-found focus on social media platforms beyond of his Twitter wheelhouse, to an installation marketing campaign aimed at disrupting traditional business models, Kris is living up to his reputation for charting new territory in the connected home business. 

That plus... Thoughts on Vin Bruno's departure from CEDIA. A wrap-up of the biggest stories from Google IO. A tour of HomeKit's premier in the builder market. And a revolutionary new approach to smart home sensors that might just give us a glimpse of the future. 

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