Episode 14 - DIY vs. Professionally Installed Home Automation

Shopping for a Smart Home used to mean one of two things.  You either bought a kit from a company like Insteon or HAI and spent countless hours tinkering to make things work.  Or you went with a dealer-installed system like Control4, Crestron, or Savant.  

Nowadays home automation consumers are presented with even more options. Coming to market is an ever-increasing lineup of powerful, inexpensive, and simple smart home products designed to make home technology fun and approachable for all.  

This has created its own set of challenges though.  It's become increasingly difficult for consumers to differentiate between these DIY home automation products, and their much more expensive dealer-installed brethren.  In this episode Seth and Jason attempt to explain some of the key differences between a DIY system, and one that is put in by a home technology professional.  There are a number of very important distinctions that anyone in the market should understand.  Tune in to find out more...

Show Notes