Episode 269 - "Ooverseeopoly"

Episode 268 - Non-Profit Technology Companies

On this episode of HomeTech: SnapAV and Control4 complete their merger, Locast lawsuits get started, AT&T rebrands something to AT&T something, and Seth takes a swing at recording a solo show and writing show notes while Jason is out of town… can you tell?

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Episode 267 - Can We Stop Talking About Prime Day Now?

On this episode of HomeTech: SnapAV continues to gobble up distributors, acquiring north west-based Custom Plus. Are rumors of HAI’s demise greatly exaggerated? Prime Day topples records. Amazon Music Unlimited growth rate is outpacing its competitors. Hulu quietly brings back 4k. CEDIA names Mitch Klein its Lifetime Award Winner. Five key questions about the forthcoming HBO Max streaming service. And much more…

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Episode 266 - Newman!

On this episode of HomeTech: IKEA saves American podcasters from the embarrassment of trying to pronounce Trádfri by rebranding the line to “Home Smart”. Prime Video finally works on Chromecast and Android TV. Wyze adds AI-powered people detection to their cameras. Arlo cameras go on fire-sale pricing. Hulu adds a new “yada yada yada” shuffle button for Seinfeld episodes. Details on AT&T’s forthcoming streaming service, HBO Max. Will Apple’s culture help or hurt their TV+ efforts? And more…

Episode 265 - Dumpster Fire Sausage

On this episode of HomeTech: Massive hacks and data breaches expose 2 billion home automation records, Alexa will never delete those secrets you told her, Bixby really wants to be a thing, Roku dominates and Netflix starts to pinch pennies in anticipation of more competition. We have a big discussion on how voice isn’t the next big platform we all anticipated it to be and Seth tells everyone how he really feels about his Echo. Spoiler alert: The Echo is out.