Episode 179 - CEDIA, Apple, and Nest. Oh my!

On this week's episode of HomeTech: We welcome Seth back after his battle with Hurricane Irma. We're happy to report that he, his family, and his home all came through the storm unharmed. We're also happy to report that this is a jam-packed episode, complete with our thoughts on three recent, major events: CEDIA, Apple, and Nest. Don't miss it! 

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Episode 178 - Hurricane CEDIA Update


This week a quick CEDIA update from Jason since Seth is still battling power and internet outages in the wake of Hurricane Irma. We'll be back soon with a CEDIA wrap up and commentary on the Apple Event as well as the week's news in HomeTech. 

Episode 177 - HomeTech's CEDIA 2017 Preview Special

CEDIA 2017.png

On this week's episode of HomeTech: Jason provides a glimpse at OneVision's new ebook "The Insider's Guide to Remote Systems Management" — a free, comprehensive, and fully manufacturer-approved analysis of the RSM space including comparisons of BakPak, Domotz, Ihiji, and OvrC Pro. 

Plus... our annual CEDIA preview! Seth and Jason predict the biggest and most important themes you can expect to see emerge from San Diego including analysis of many new product announcements that have come out leading up to the show. This episode is not to be missed! 

Also, don't forget!  This year, we're hosting our first-even "Home Tech Happy Hour". Come join us at The Field - Authentic Irish Pub & Restaurant 🍀 on Thursday, September 7 at 5PM! Drop in for a quick toast before you head out to the evening's big events! Learn more here.

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Episode 176 - "The Year of HDR Confusion" with PixelGen's Jack MacDougall

On this week's episode of HomeTech: We are joined Jack MacDougall, President of Pixelgen, for a deep dive into today's ultra-confusing video landscape. From resolutions and bit rates, to color spaces and dynamic ranges, it's enough to make your head spin. Jack brings to the show a unique combination of deep expertise and an ability to make these concepts relatable. While our conversation covers numerous facets of video technology, a good portion of our chat focuses on dissecting today's competing HDR standards. With Jack providing the key information you should know in this brewing standards war, this is a show you won't want to miss.

That plus... Is a smart speaker from Sonos in the offing? Also, the latest on their Alexa software integration. Is a down market thermostat coming soon from Nest? New products from August rumored as well. Back-to-back CEDIA keynotes from Amazon. Eero meeting home tech pros in the middle. And much more...

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Episode 175 - The "Projects Project" with Nathaniel Gori

On this week's super-sized episode of HomeTech: In another installment of the "Projects Project", we welcome Nathaniel Gori to the show to discuss his unique smart home install. Figuring out a technology plan in a 100-year old home presented Nathaniel with more than his share of challenges. But, with good planning, thorough research, a bit of elbow grease, he was able to install a system that fits his needs and leaves room for expansion. Perhaps most importantly, his system also meets the requisite WAF. Tune in to hear all about Nathaniel's project. If you're interested in having your home technology project featured on the show, head on over to home.fm/projects and let us know about it!

That plus... Heading to CEDIA? We discuss some can't miss events — HomeTech's Happy Hour and OneVision's Service Workshops. A botched firmware update bricks a line of smart locks. Did Z-Wave's site just leak info on a new controller from Control4, the CA-1? Ikea poised for smart home domination. Pay TV providers register their largest subscribers losses ever! And much, much more...

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