Revolv Arrives on Android, Announces Official Nest Integration, and Improved iOS App

Boulder, CO based smart home company Revolv has officially released an Android version of its renown home automation app.  In addition to this new app, available in the Google Play store today,  Revolv has announced official integration with the Nest Thermostat.  The company has also released an updated version of its iOS app which is available for download in the iTunes store now.  

Amidst increasing competition from lower priced products like the Staples Connect, Wink, and Lowes Iris, Revolv continues to enhance its offerings in hopes of establishing itself as the premier home automation hub.  Read the entire press release below: 

Revolv Launches New Android and Updated iOS Apps With Official Support for Nest

 Includes Enhanced GeoSense and Improved User Interface to Quickly Set Up Automated Actions Around the Home 

Boulder, CO – July 31, 2014 – Revolv Inc., the smart home solution that unifies premium smart home automation devices from one app, has announced its new support for Android and official integration with the popular Nest Learning Thermostat™.  Additionally, the company released an updated version of its iOS app.  Both Android and iOS apps are available today in the Google Play and Apple stores, respectively, and offer an improved user interface to more efficiently and intelligently manage your smart home devices.

“With the success of our iOS app, we are excited to roll out Revolv on Android to give access to additional homeowners who want to set up a smart home,” said Mike Soucie, co-founder and head of marketing at Revolv. “Launching our Android and iOS apps and officially integrating with Nest gets us further toward our goal of providing customers with seamless product integration with the most popular smart home devices while offering the easiest and best experience on the market.”

 As a centralized and unified smart home solution, Revolv extends the value of individual connected products by providing cross-device control and automation. Through Revolv’s ‘Works with Nest’ integration, homeowners can now set up automated actions for the Nest Thermostat based on their location and daily schedule. Additionally, they can access one-tap control of all their supported connected devices to create a comfortable ambiance in any room. 

For example, to help save energy, a homeowner could set up an action to automatically turn off the house lights and turn down the temperature on their Nest Thermostat when they’re not home. This action is possible thanks to Revolv’s newly enhanced GeoSense™ technology, which knows when the homeowner leaves the house -- and automates device control, even if the smartphone is in his or her pocket. 

 There is also new support for multiple phones that uses "intelligent occupancy" to indicate when there is someone in the home who shouldn't be there by knowing whether authorized users are home or away.

 Currently, Revolv supports close to 100 of the most popular smart home devices and continues to add support for a variety of devices every two to three weeks. Revolv is available at with a 4-star rating,, at select Home Depot stores across the country and at

About Revolv, Inc.

Revolv unifies your smart home on your smartphone and tablet. We build solutions that deliver the simplest and best smart home experience from premium, off-the-shelf wireless consumer electronics. Our cloud-based software easily connects with all of the specialized third-party wireless products being developed for the next generation home, such as lights, locks, sensors, thermostats and streaming entertainment systems. Revolv is based in Boulder, CO and was a TechStars 2012 graduate. The Foundry Group is an investor in the company.