HomeTech Turns 100!

The 100th episode of HomeTech went live today. It's taking everything in me to stop short of clichés about how time flies. There's just something about milestones. They make us reflective. Suffice it to say I feel like a proud papa when I see that triple-digit episode number. It feels like our beloved little pet project is all grown up.

In producing our 100th episode highlight reel I was reminded of just how much home technology has changed over the last two years. It's easy to forget that in early 2014 Nest wasn't owned by Google, SmartThings was practically a startup, HomeKit didn't exist, and few were even considering what Amazon might do in the space. 

Changes in the CEDIA channel have been equally significant. For proof look no further than the influx of DIY and straight-to-consumer products showing up on the CEDIA trade show floor. In the face of these shifting tides home technology pros and manufacturers alike must find new and innovative ways to remain relevant.

The rapid evolution of the connected home has been remarkable, but not surprising. Technology evolves. And as it does prices drop and performance improves. Why would the connected home be any different? Since Episode 1 it's been our goal at HomeTech to examine this evolution, and discuss what it means for people who live and breathe home technology, whether by trade, by passion, or both. It's a mission we plan to continue. 

Thank You...

If you're good at math you'll know that 100 shows in two years puts us damn close to an episode every week. Juggling this production schedule with family, full time employment, and all the other stuff life entails, has been a lot of work. And we've loved every minute of it.

So if you'll forgive just one cliché please know how much we appreciate your listenership! The engagement and feedback we get from our audience is what keeps us going! So here's a toast to you!

We are so proud to have reached 100 episodes. But more importantly we hope you'll join us for 100 more. This is an exciting time in home technology. We have lots more to talk about!

On to episode 101!