How Sonos and Amazon Echo Learned to Talk to Each Other

This article is a fascinating look into Sonos and its recent interest in integration. It also has this interesting tidbit about the outdoor speaker I've been hearing about for years.

For over a year, Sonos worked on a portable speaker, code-named Hopscotch, according to two former employees. But progress stalled over the inability to decide whether it would be primarily an outdoor speaker that would also work indoors, or vice versa. The project was shelved earlier this year, according to the company.

And this quote about how Sonos decided to not move forward with their own voice control product.

Sonos’s engineers said it wasn’t feasible to add voice control directly to its own hardware any time soon, so the company began aggressively pursuing discussions with Amazon. “We really started to see that holiday in a truly meaningful way,” Spence said. “We’re moving at a faster pace because the market has sped up.”

Sonos is a great product and I've been a loyal customer for a number of years. I'm glad they are starting to work their way back into the market leader where they belong.