Its time to change the business model to follow the customer

An interesting article from Julie over at CEPro the that raises some interesting questions about what the market is shaping up to be and what customers will expect our business to look like. This particular insight rang so very, very true to me:

Too often, A/V dealers think they’re losing business because they can’t compete with cheap products and low online prices, or because customers are just cheap these days and “no one appreciates good service anymore.”

In fact, “good service” nowadays is often about no service at all – at least not personal service. We don’t want to talk to people. We don’t want to mess with scheduling contractors and being home (and dressed … and pleasant …) when they arrive. We just want to get it over with.

I'd argue that the vast majority of shoppers out there want this experience. I use Amazon almost daily and when I was an integrator we'd use it to buy products fast. I even remember being able to buy a TV and have overnight shipping for $25 and this was all below the cost for the same TV from my distributors.  

We're used too selling to the Baby Boomers generation who liked to have their hand held and walked through a process. New shoppers and the much larger Millennial generation want much less friction in the buying process. Home Tech Pros need to be the experts regardless of the buyer. 

Its getting to be time to change the business model to follow the customer and not the other way around.