VoicePod shutting down ahead of CEDIA

After years leading the industry in voice control VoicePod will be shutting down and canceling their planned integration with Amazon's Alexa platform.

In his post, Ted Rosenberger, also mentions an upcoming integration between Control4 and Alexa. Amazon Echo has a large booth at CEDIA this year and could be displaying much more than we imagined.


As many of you know, we’ve been testing our VoicePod for Alexa app for many months and the feedback has been very positive on our sophisticated cloud-based app solution. Yet, you have probably noticed that there doesn’t seem to be much movement on it.

Unfortunately, as of today we have decided to close the voicepod business and all servers and services have been shut down. The venture was never profitable and all principals have moved on to more promising ventures. We also believe that Control4 is going to be releasing their own support for Alexa soon and this discouraged us from investing further.

We are proud to have been pioneers in voice controlled home automation. But at this time, with the “big boys” including Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon all working on this technology, it’s hard to know how and where to invest. R&D for cloud-based solutions can be very expensive and selling drivers for a few hundred dollars can be a difficult business model.

We’ve had a good run with VoicePod but we’re not investing further in it at this time. If any of you have serious interest in acquiring our code base and taking over the VoicePod legacy, we’d be happy to chat about that topic. The tabletop product will continue to function but the mobile products and Alexa beta programs are shut off and closed as of today.

Thanks for understanding.

Ted Rosenberger


HouseLogix and VoicePod, LLC
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Ted was the first guest we ever had on the show and its unfortunate he has to pull back his product. I have no doubt he'll move on to creating something even better.