HomeTech Takeaways: Another One Bites the Dust - Are the Days Numbered for Staples Connect?

All Signs Point to the Fact That Staples Has Given Up on the Smart Home

Mike Wolf, of the Smart Home Show, released a blog post outlining what appears to be the imminent demise of Staples' home automation hub, the Staples Connect. While an official end-of-life announcement has not been made, Mike effectively points to numerous signs that indicate the product's days are numbered. These signs include:

  • A completel lack of social media activity since August of 2015
  • A hilariously-clueless response to a recent phone inquiry
  • The hub's absence on Staples.com
  • Most importantly - a number of posts on the support site indicating that support is ending

The Takeaway: 

Despite the awkward pairing of home technology products and office supplies, we thought the Staples Connect looked like a pretty promising platform. We discussed it length way back on Episode 7. Staples had a reputable backend partner in Zonoff, and appeared to be building a healthy ecosystem at the time. In recent times however the company had gotten very quiet.

There's not much to this story beyond the simple fact that breaking into the smart home is hard, as we've discussed before. Some of the largest companies in the world are struggling to devote the resources necessary to make a sustained push. 

I remain bullish on the long term outlook for companies like Apple and Nest. But I suspect strongly that Staples has removed itself from the smart home running for good. As Mike alluded to, perhaps it's best they focus on toner and reams of paper. 

Read Mike's full analysis here...

- Jason Griffing