In Robot Vacuum News...

There's an interesting rumor that Dyson will announce a new robot vacuum cleaner this week. According to an article on the project (called N223 internally) ran Dyson $46.6 million dollars and 16 years in the lab to make.

While I'm normally not bullish on rumor and PR garbage I welcome any new technology that is smart an automated into the home. Like many I have owned a Roomba vacuum for years and have been less than satisfied with the product. I end up just watching it attempt to vacuum my floors and fending it away from carpets that it inevitably will be stuck on. The Roomba ended up in the closet and the regular vacuum is what we end up using.

Any new contender is welcome news to me as long as it works better than the technology that is out there now.

Also, one can only hope for an API or some type of integration. How cool would controlling your robot vacuum with IFTTT be??