Apple's HomeKit Confusion

Update: Check out Episode 17 if you want to go beyond the basics and learn about the technical details behind HomeKit.

I keep running into stories and comments like this one on CEPro regarding disappointment in Apple's unveiling of HomeKit.

Underwhelmed? Really? Let me put it this way:

There are 800 million iOS devices out there -- and they are touting 89% adoption rate for iOS 7. Assuming iOS 8 does just as well (and it will given all the other consumer facing features) that means about 700 MILLION devices will be able to be home automation "controllers." Think about this statement:

It is possible that at the end of the year Apple will have an installed base with foundational home automation support larger than the cumulative installs of all currently operating "professionally installed automation systems"


If you don't understand how big this could be you are really missing the point. HomeKit is HUGE for this industry.

As with all of Apple's initiatives only time will tell how successful HomeKit will be. I suspect Apple is jumping in at just the right time and you'll see Android and others follow suit.

We'll be talking quite a bit about HomeKit in the next HomeTech Podcast so be sure to tune in if you are interested in how it all works and what it really means for the every day HomeTech listener.

Source: Apple

Source: Apple