Prediction: Nest releases API at Google IO

While everyone gets excited about "wearables" and the next version of Android to hit the streets we've noticed a session during Google IO that will be all about developing with the Nest API.

What is the API? The API will allow developers to integrate Nest's services into different apps or home automation platforms. This would be the 'official' API -- not some reverse-engineered hack -- which means it won't have the potential of breaking and can be fully supported by Nest when something goes wrong.

The speakers for the session include one of the founders and VP of engineering Matt Rogers and Mark McBride, Nest's infrastructure and all around server guy. Pretty much the two people you'd want to have in the same room when you talk to developers about integrating with Nest services.

Nest also says on their Nest Developer page that they will be using Firebase to run their API. If you're hoping to develop for Nest you may want to brush up on how that API works.

It would also be interesting to see if Nest announces any integration plans with the Protect or their latest product Dropcam. Those two products don't get thought about much compaired to the thermostat but having extra sensors and data streaming into the API from either of the sources could prove to be extremely valuable.

This could be a very exciting week at Google IO!