Amazon Enters the Set Top Box Market with Fire TV


Yesterday Amazon officially announced that it will be entering the Set-Top Box market with a new product dubbed Fire TV.  The price point alone ($99) does make it a compelling prodcut.  Although at a glance it's difficult to see how the Fire TV will differentiate itself from the existing options that already have a strong foothold in the market (namely AppleTV and Roku).

Amazon appears to be pushing "voice search that actually works" as one of their main differentiators.  The problem being that voice search is a terribly difficult thing to get right.  And even a failure rate of 5% is enough to drive end-users mad, and send them running right back to the tried and true handheld remote.

We'll be discussing the Fire TV in an upcoming podcast episode so stay tuned for that. We'll discuss a detailed breakdown of what content sources are (and aren't) available, as well as a general comparison of how the Amazon Fire TV stacks up against its competitors.